Best practise for Instagram video for brands

Instagram has now, with over 130 million users, become one of the leading platforms in social media.

FRANk Media-Instagram video tips

Instagram video is in direct competition with Vine, but with the 15-second video option, the tap-to-focus and the classic Instagram filters it seems to be more than just a picture sharing network and leaves Vine behind.

40% of leading brands use Instagram and 25% of them share at least one picture per week (source: Simply Measured). It has become a platform for brands to connect and engage with consumers.

Here a few examples how to use the video features for your social campaign:

1. Focus on customer experience:

MTV (USA) publishes daily ‘need to know news’ and other Instagram videos to help the users digest the constant flow of news and info. With the short videos you will always be up to date thanks to Instagram videos.

2. Capture the spirit of your brand:

Billabong is our much loved Aussie surfer label so it makes sense for Billabong to showcase the beach lifestyle via Instagram video. Additionally, the brand makes an effort to upload videos of their office Halloween party or ping pong tournaments by the beach for example. #TheBillabongDaily, a daily Instagram snippet into the life of Billabong also features videos and is worth checking out.

3. Create exclusive content:

Aussie babe Miranda Kerr uses Instagram a lot for behind the scenes, exclusive content. She throws Instagram videos into the mix now for even more engaging content.

If you are using Instagram (photos and videos) for your brand, try to avoid product shots and instead think of engaging content such as behind the scenes photos, ‘how to’ videos and entertaining peeks into your office life.


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