Social Media Marketing Trends for 2014

Social Media Marketing Trends for 2014

There where so many changes in 2013 with new networks coming in, leaving and collaborating and whilst social media has definitely reached a new level of maturity, it certainly won’t stop there! So what should marketers look for in the upcoming year? We share with you 5 social media marketing trends to look out for in 2014:


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1. Content will become more exclusive

Although for the moment, people are pretty much free to consume as much content as they want, marketers are expected to select the audience for their brands – integrating the idea that exclusive content is better content, and therefore, more valuable for both the audience and the brand. By providing exclusives such as articles, offers, games and videos to only a privileged few, marketers will be looking to heighten trust signals, quality and value during 2014 on this basis.


2. Twitter instead of Facebook for 2014?

2014 will be the year of Twitter! Facebook is certainly not disappearing anytime soon and it has reached a certain level in social media, but there are more and more teenagers switching to Twitter,  Snapchat and Instagram as it’s easier for them to be on those platforms without parents knowing what they’re doing. Also many small and medium businesses are switching channels, because it’s getting to difficult to gain an active community without spending much time, money and efforts on their pages. The fact that Twitter will become a public company is another point that is going to lift the page into the limelight again so that many inactive users and brands will give it another chance, because they will want to understand it better.

Many brands already use Twitter, in particular in the travel & hospitality vertical, i.e. airlines, hotels, destinations, etc. Having more users join this social media should consolidate Twitter as a great customer service platform, not to mention lead generation and R&D.


3. New trend application: Snapchat

Snapchat is a new mobile app trend, with which you’re able to send out short videos, texts and photos called “snaps”, which auto destruct after a few seconds. This new application has over 5 million active users, which are uploading over 150 million pictures, texts and videos every day – it’s huge! Even Facebook wants to get a piece of the Snapchat action recently offering the app an all cash $3 billion acquisition offer, which Snapchat kindly declined (well we presume it was kindly). So why is Snapchat so popular? The fact that the snaps are deleted after a few seconds makes people have confidence in what they are sharing. There are no privacy issues, because everything is just for this one moment. This new trend has the potential to become one of the major marketing tools in social media, because brands can ask their customers to share promotions or other special offers while they are in the store. Snapchat and marketing are not yet found in the same sentences, but they definitely will soon.


4. Google+ is about to get bigger

A new study published on emarketer found that Google+ is the 2nd most popular social network, with over 540 million active users! The new changes in its search algorithm, called Hummingbird, Google continues to develop on upwards in the social media food chain. 2014 should be a major year for Google+ to gain more mainstream attention, drawing marketer attention. With over 1.5 billion photos shared weekly there is potential for much more action to happen in the future.


5. Video Content is going to take off

Visual media is going to grow – which is especially great for marketers who rely on visual channels to connect with their audiences. Many agencies are beginning to realize that video marketing isn’t as expensive as it used to be, and if done right, it can be sent and well received through almost any channel. If you aren’t convinced yet, a single video of Felix Baumgartner’s space dive has so far given Red Bull an extra 35 million views on their primary YouTube channel alone.


What other trends do you think we can expect to see in 2014?

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