Facebook ‘Likes’ versus Ratings

Facebook ‘Likes’ versus Ratings

Facebook ‘likes’ have long been THE metric of Facebook marketing success for many brands and agencies, but it could change very quickly. Facebook has been testing a new five-star rating for company pages according to this article and it looks like this mockup:


So how exactly does the introduction of a new metric impact on your brand page?

The good news

Brands won’t be competing for likes so much anymore and instead focus on quality content and meaningful engagement with its community. Less focus on fluffy vanity metrics and more on true audience engagement and happiness is a good thing. Brands can prove real business ROI, and fans can actually be delighted by the company and its content.

In a nutshell, the ratings could right all that is wrong with brands on Facebook.

The bad news

Not every Facebook brand page will only have good reviews. It will make many companies create fake reviews to have an influence on the image they want to represent to customers.

Very low or high reviews can affect the rating at the top of your page very easily.  Your company should always want to satisfy the clients with good service and should definitely be concerned when customers aren’t, but a few bad support complaints could tank your Facebook Page efforts.

The conclusion is that if the companies and customers use this right it is a great opportunity for brands to focus more on the quality of their services, than trying to gain as many followers as possible.

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