‘Talking About This’ on Facebook is the number that matters most…

‘Talking About This’ on Facebook is the number that matters most…



GURU: I’ve got 50,000 likes on my Facebook page!

YOU: Great.

GURU: So, buy my stuff. I’m super popular!

YOU: Hmm. What’s your “Talking About This” number?

GURU: [pause]. Oh, you know about that?

YOU: Yeah, Facebook posts it right next to your ‘like’ number.

GURU: [long silence] So you don’t want to buy my stuff?



So what does People ‘Talking About This’ (or PTAT) mean on your Facebook fanpage?

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It’s the number of people who are ‘engaged’ and interacting with your Facebook page.  The number is generated from the amount of unique users who have created a ‘story’ about a fanpage within a 7 day window.  Stories are created when users:

  • like a page
  • post on the page wall
  • like a post
  • comment on a post
  • share a post
  • answer a question
  • RSVP to a page’s event
  • mention the page in a post
  • tag the page in a photo
  • check in at a place
  • share a check-in deal
  • like a check-in deal
  • write a recommendation
  • claim an offer


The ‘talking about this’ number tells you how many people actually care about what you post.  Additionally, the more user engagement generated by your posts, the more likely Facebook will feature your posts in your fans newsfeed.

Four important facts about PTAT:

1.    People ‘Talking About This’ number only represents your page’s engagement performance over seven days.

 2.    In most cases, only 1 to 10 percent of fans create stories about a brand/company’s page.  Anything above 1 percent, without the aid of advertising, is considered above average.

3.    Get a better understanding of your page’s wider performance by comparing your PTAT number with your competitors.

coke vs pepsi

4.    In-depth data of your PTAT metrics can be found in Facebook Insights.  Recently, Facebook has upgraded their Insights tool to help identify how people interact with content.  The new PTAT metric is split into separate elements: Page Likes, People Engaged (the number of unique people who have clicked on, liked, commented on, or shared your posts), Page Tags and Mentions, Page Check-Ins and other interactions on a page.


As a rule of thumb, the ‘Likes’ vs ‘Talking About This’ numbers for a Facebook Page:

  • With LESS than 100,000 likes, a strong ‘talking about this’ number is about 10% of the likes
  • With MORE than 100,000 likes, a strong ‘talking about this’ number is about 5% of the likes


In conclusion, focus less on growing the number of likes on your Facebook page and more on the likers who want to engage with you.

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