7 reasons why email is a better marketing tool than social media

7 reasons why email is a better marketing tool than social media

Social mouths created a great post reminding marketers of the importance of email marketing and why it should be our absolute priority.

Marketing has got so caught up in social media (and for good reason) but it’s important not to forget other mediums. Social media is the new born cute child, and email is the oldest child who’s lost its newness and cute looks. However, never underestimate the older ones, in this instance email! When it comes to comparing them as marketing vehicles and return-on-investment, Email is by far the most effective way of directly affecting your bottom line and actually growing your business.

and here’s why…

You've got mail

1. Penetration

There are more than 3.2 billion email accounts today. 95% of online consumers use email and, 91% check their email at least once a day – even when holidaying in the Caribbean. Email has also become such an integral part in our lives, you never hear anyone say they are going to quit email whereas you do with social media.


2. Life Span

Facebook: Research has revealed that 50% of the reach of a Facebook post occurs in the first half hour, and 80% in the first 3 hours.

Email: Email’s stick around whether you open it or not. It sits waiting patiently in your inbox waiting to be noticed. Best of all you have to acknowledge and engage with an email – even if it’s just to delete it. Long live email!

Twitter: Twitter moves at a rapid pace, therefore does its tweets. The popularity of a tweet can be predicted in the first five minutes.


3. Personalisation

Email has the power to send one piece of content to thousands of people and still have some level of personalisation. Email also allows you to create lists and send different emails to a different group of subscribers, therefore allowing you to better target your content to a specific group whilst still keeping it personal.



4.  Reach

Email marketing

The concept of reach is completely different between Social Media and Email. In social media we discuss “Potential Reach” to refer to the number of followers.

Granted, email is only opened by a fraction of subscribers, but here’s the difference, the actual message will reach its destination, s/he then has the option to read or not to read it.

ReturnPath (leader in email intelligence) revealed that in the first half of 2013, 18% of all email messages were either blocked or went missing and 4% were delivered to the spam or junk folder. Even if 22% emails get lost, we’re still running with much higher potential than posting on Facebook where 74% of your messages are potentially missed (a percentage that is higher in most cases).


5. Integration

The beauty of all this is that email and social media are friends, especially Facebook. You need an email address in order to create a social media account.


6.  Easier to measure

Social media has proven over the years that measuring success is still under discussion and, many companies have different ways and systems to do so. It can be a confusing topic!

Email on the other hand has a set of solid metrics that have been the standard for years: Growth, Open Rate, Click Rate, Complaints, Unsubscribes, and you can take it from there and even track sales and revenue.


7. More patience for advertising/ promotional content

77% prefer email to receive promotional content, while only 4% prefers Facebook, and LinkedIn users have zero (0%) tolerance for promotional messages.  Many people join Facebook and other networks to connect with family, friends and long and stalk exes (kidding). People don’t like being bombarded by brands on social media as that’s not what they signed up for. Do you ever hear someone say “Oh I best pop onto Facebook to see what Coles have posted today, derp”.

Email is different as its a place for both social interaction and somewhere to receive promotional messages in private. Some social users may like or follow specific brands to project to their friends a particular image but what they really want to follow, for example Nickelback they don’t cause they may be worried what others think. Email is a place to do that in private. Bestt to keep all Chad Kroeger updates to yourself.

Now there is the issue of spam, but you just delete or unsubscribe to it compared to social media where you cannot run from ads and promoted posts. With more and more social networks falling prey to advertising, it’s only going to get worse.



Are you utilising the power of email in your marketing campaign? What other ways do you think email dominates social media? 

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