How to encourage your fans to engage with you

How to encourage your fans to engage with you

Is your Facebook page growing cobwebs? Are months of content planning continuing to result in fewer engagement? Fans disinterested? Never fear, Frank is here! You are not a lost cause yet, you can still bounce back and win the love of your fans again!

Take comfort in knowing your fans liked you for a reason and they are still hanging around so you still have an opportunity to wow them, and grab their attention. You get back what you put out –  so reconsider your current approach and research and learn on how you can do things differently to encourage fan engagement.

Here are a few steps to get you started…


9 tips to enhance the quality of your posts



You are not about to meet the Queen, so get rid of that formal tone and just be yourself. Facebook is a personal, informal social platform, so if you are speaking to your fans in a business-robot-tone, they won’t care to listen, and who can blame them. Be yourself, let your personality shine through and engage with your audience as if you were talking to a friend.

Proof Read: 

Spell check, check links and make sure your information is accurate.


Keep it simple: 

Too many words loses too many audiences. Aim to keep your posts under 100 characters…unlike your grandparent’s stories.


Use images:

Break up the text with an image. Fans connect with brands very well through images, whether they’re funny, inspirational, or promotional, they’re a necessary part of any great Facebook marketing plan.

Be sure that the images and relevant and appropriate, and if funny, find a way to tie (subtly of course) with your brand. For example, Samsonite posted a photo on their Facebook page to commemorate Daffodil Day. This was a great way for Samsonite to show fans they are supporters of this cause, as well as relating is back to the brand by showcasing a Samsonite suitcase.


Ask Questions:

Asking a relevant question at the end of your post is a great way to engage your readers.

‘Where,’ ‘when,’ and ‘should,’ drive the highest engagement rates, with ‘would’ generating the most likes. Avoid asking ‘why’ questions, which have the lowest like and comment rates.


Include ‘ACTION’ words: 

Certain words engage more fans. Research found that action words such as ‘post,’ ‘comment,’ ‘take,’ ‘submit,’ ‘like,’ or ‘tell us,’ are the most effective. Be direct in your request, and fans will listen.


Personalise the brand:

Show the faces behind the brand as giving your fans a glimpse of what goes on behind-the-scenes of your business can boost engagement.

For example, you could take a picture of an employee outing, to show your fans what your team looks like and what you do for fun outside of the office. You could also post pictures of how your products are made or of customers enjoying your products or services.

We at Frank practice what we preach! Our social bunch regularly have a team lunch, and we like to share that with our followers as a way for fans to keep up with the team, see what we have been doing in and outside of work.

Fans like to see the fun and more personal side to your business.



Reward your fans: 

They liked you; they are loyal so acknowledge and thank them for being a fan! A huge trend brands are doing on Facebook is promotion, so jump on the bandwagon. Offer your fans, exclusive offers for them only (make them feel like VIP customers). Try mixing a perk with other types of Facebook status updates to not only boost your engagement, but also get more customers into your store and/or website.

For example, you could come up with a “secret” code word that only Facebook fans will know to receive a 15% off their next order, or as ASOS have done, to get an exclusive sale preview before others as well as going in the draw to win $$$


Incorporate current events & tending topics:

Miley twerking, Australian election – Gillard backtabbing K Rudd, K Rudd backstabbing Gillard, Essendon drug cheats!  There is so much twitter and Facebook trending topics you should be a part of!

A great way to capitalise on the popularity of a current events or trends is by incorporating it into your posts and (if you can), organically relate it back to your business in some way. For example, Coca-Cola used the birth of the new royal baby to celebrate the news and promote their brand.


We continue to tell you, if your social networks are solely self-promoting content, people are going to be turned off by your brand. I don’t need to write a post on ‘How to lose your customers in 10 days’, because you should know by now!

B2C are now all about forming personal relationships, where you identify with your customers and they identify to you. Your business’ social pages needs to be blend of status updates that appeal to your followers’ interests, entertainment, news, promotion and customer service.

Does anyone else have any tips on how encourage fan participation? 

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