6 tips to running a successful Facebook contest

6 tips to running a successful Facebook contest

You probably have noticed the increasing number of brands who are running competitions for their Facebook fans. From trips to New York to product giveaways, brands are doing it all and most of us users are entering them (whenever we can). I am entering it even if I don’t really need the prize, or know too much about your brand; I just want some free stuff!


I imagine the feeling being like an old party game I used to play (yes…used to…) the Pinata! Let me set the scene for you –  kids wait behind the batter, like a sprinter about to take off from the blocks and when that final swing bursts open the poor, battered, colourful donkey (don’t worry kids, its only papier-mâché), and candy falls from above, the crowds of kids are off like a swarm of bees to a honey pot. Kid’s come from left & right, diving to the ground and filling up their hands and pockets with as much candy as their little hands can grab. I can remember from my childhood the candy not being that nice, but hey it was free and I was going to compete against others and get my share! I seem to have gone a bit off topic here and been over enthusiastic when talking about pinata’s BUT my point is (and I think I have one), people love free stuff and whether it’s a free trip or free candy, they will want it! Facebook contests are a great way to increase the number of people who ‘Like’ or are aware of your business, and even more importantly, they can provide valuable customer information.

1. What are you trying to achieve? 

Before you get started with your contest, you of course need to define what your intentions are and what is the result you are looking to achieve. Do you want to increase brand awareness or highlight a new product? Looking to increase the number of Likes on your page? Do you want to boost user engagement or gather user feedback?


2. What will your contest be?

Once you have a goal in mind, you can set to planning and building on what your contest will be. Giveaway? ‘Like’ to win?  Upload a photo or video? Take survey for chance to win? etc. Make sure it’s easy to understand what the entry requirements are and to design a contest that is inline with your goals.


3. Understand Facebook’s policies and guidelines:

You don’t want to break any of Zuckberberg rules and get the cane!


 4. Tailor the entry conditions to your target audience:

Personally, I believe the best way to get more entries is to have a simple ‘enter and win’ set up, as contests that require more effort to enter may not get many hits. However, the really creative competitions are always interesting for users to follow and share as its unique and showcases your fans creativity and talent. It will attract an audience to view the comp entries and you can also continue to use the content for future Facebook posts (win-win), however it may not get you that many entry numbers.

Just between you & me, don’t make me write 25 words or less of why I love your brand or why I deserve to win. I really do not enjoy that and if I see that as an entry requirement, I am probably going to click the ‘close’ tab and not bother.



5. Consider a Ménage à trois: Use a 3rd party app to run the contest

Facebook requires businesses to run a contest on a third-party application, and it’s nearly impossible to meet all of their other promotions guidelines without one. Be sure to choose an app company that offers;

  • Flexibility: If it’s not customisable, the app might not give you the results you’re after.
  • App should on all networks: Many third-party apps only work on Facebook. Look for one that allows you to install the contest on your website too.
  • App must have mobile capabilities: 67% of Australians, access Facebook on their mobile phone and we have seen the number of those accessing Facebook on their laptop & desktop decreasing. So if people are accessing it from their mobile phone, then they should be able to enter on their mobile phone. No-brainer!
  • And of course a reasonable price


6. Promote:

It’s essential to promote your contest in order to get people’s attention. Before the contest launches, post little sneak peaks of something exciting coming up, get people’s heart racing with anticipation of what you are about to offer. For example, Samsonite posted a post to their fans in the lead up to their upcoming promotion (see image). You should then continue to remind fans the contest is running, and when its closes.

Consider using Facebook ads to increase the reach of your contest. Facebook Ads make it easy to target users who share your interests and demographics, and they’re also a way to reach beyond the people who already Like your page by placing them where your ideal demographic hangs out. The more the merrier! Promote within your own network too, whether that be through employees or your own connections.

7. Collect Data:

How did you go? Was it successful? How many entries did you have?

Collect all your data, make a report and see what worked & what didn’t. Use this information to assist you in planning your next contest.


For further information, check out our tips to help creating a successful Facebook content app here or contact us so we can help you plan your promotion. 



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