5 facts you didn’t know about Pinterest & why your business should be on it!

I believe that Pinterest is seriously underestimated, and although we have given you the low down of how to set up a Pinterest for your business and how to get traffic to your site, we haven’t really explained to you why you should be using Pinterest in the first place.


To get us started let me present to you some facts & stats about Pinterest:

  • Pinterest came about in March 2010
  • As of July 2013, the total number of Pinterest users worldwide is 70 million
  • As of July 2013, there are 550,000 Pinterest users in Australia
  • 45% of first-time users were from outside of the U.S
  • In terms of popularity, Canada is second, the UK is third, and Australia is fourth for number of Pinterest users.
  • Pinterest usage in Australia accounts for 7% of social media users & is mainly restricted to female-users.
  • Average time spent on Pinterest per visit is 14.2 minutes.
  • 80% of Pinterest pins are repinsMeaning the more you share & pin, the more it will get spread around.


Pinterest is a powerhouse for sharing and discovering, and compared to other social networks, the content on Pinterest can reach more and last longer. If this post does not convince you to reactivate your Pinterest, I don’t know what will!


Here are 5 facts you didn’t know about Pinterest!


1. Pinterest generate more e-commerce sharing than Facebook:

According to social login provider Gigya’s latest numbers, Pinterest surpassed Facebook when it comes to e-commerce sharing. Numbers showed that Pinterest grabs 41% of e-commerce traffic compared to Facebook which only grabs 37%. Basically what this means is that if something is being shared from a retail site, there’s a higher chance that content will end up on Pinterest rather than Facebook.

This should come as no surprise as Pinterest is centered around the social discovery of objects compared to Facebook which is about connecting friends and family. However, many people forgot about Pinterest and believe Facebook to be the all and mighty of social media .


2. Pinterest users spend more $:

Pinteresters don’t just like to browse, they like to buy! Although recent stats have shown Pinterest to have just overtaken Facebook in e-commerce sharing, Pinterest users were always spending more dosh. Customer experience engine Monetate found that the average shopper who discovers an item on a social platform and clicks off site to buy it spends an average

  • $71.26 when being directed from Facebook
  • $70.71 from Twitter
  • Whereas Pinterest shoppers are more likely to spend $80.54


3. Fastest growth in user numbers compared to any other social networks:

Current stats shows that Pinterest currently has more than 70 million users globally. However in 2012, Pinterest amazed all and broke a record by reaching 10 million monthly uniques in just nine months. In what is reported to be one of the most explosive growths in social media you’ll ever see, Pinterest outpaced Facebook, Twitter and every other network in climbing to that momentous milestone.


4. A Pinterest Pin has a longer life expectancy than a tweet or status update:

An average tweet remains useful for a matter of minutes, before it gets lost under a wave of more tweets, Facebook updates stream for a few hours before disappearing. However, according to a recent study from analytics and marketing company Piquora, a pin on Pinterest has a longer life expectancy then Twitter & Facebook, with the average pin remaining click worthy for months.

Why is this? Well while Pinterest is a social network that works more as a board of inspiration, ideas and websites. People using Pinterest are browsing and searching – they are clicking more, uncovering more and resurfacing more pins (old & new).  Facebook & Twitter work more on having an impact soon after they have been posted, because within 48hrs most stuff is just old news, right?!


5. Pinterest Rules Tablets

Last week we told you that 31% of households own a tablet (a figure that is expected to rise to 50% in 2014) and whilst Facebook dominates the iPhone, according to a study by ShareThis, Pinterest is the top channel for iPads with an almost 50% share of all social activity on the tablet. With the number of tablet owners expected to rise, the more people will access the site on remote devices (Sorry desktops).


Are you using Pinterest either personally or for business? How do you think it compares to other social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter & Instagram?

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