Lexus Creates Instagram Stop Motion Video With Fans

Social media’s evolution to new heights continues to delight and inspire us at FRANk.

Over the past few years, social media has definitely transformed from being just used to push marketing messages, to being used to engage and speak with consumers. No longer should marketing revolve around targeted, predetermined messages but around uniting people around the bran. The age of collaborative consumption is here and Lexus’s latest social media driven campaign is just one example.

To promote the new Lexus 2014 IS, the automaker took Instagram video to the next level. They didn’t use the 15 second clips you may be familiar with – instead they created “LexusInstafilm”, a short clip that stitches together individual snapshots of the car by 212 advocates on Instagram. The result is a stop-motion-style film, cobbled together one filtered frame at a time. The creation of this hits all the right posts in design, technology and innovation. The best thing is that each Instagram photographer got to choose which frame they wanted to shoot and they would edit it themselves. The use of individual hashtags allowed Lexus to easily sequence the images from the public Instagram feeds. And of course, everyone was pretty excited about being part of the video!

Watch the campaign and making of:


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