7 types of social media users & how best to engage them

7 types of social media users & how best to engage them

Just like those awful high school stereotypes we all found ourselves under it seems falling into certain stereotypes has followed us into our social media use.

ReachLocal researched some of the different and common types of social media fans there are online and put together a nifty infographic on their findings. We have broken down their infographic just for you. This information can provide your business with suggestions to reach a variety of different fans online.

So which one are you…?

1. The Quiet Follower

The quiet follower is not really all that engaged with your content and will likely be following you because their friends are. Although they are not necessarily customers of yours and are not boosting your engagement they are not doing any harm to your  social media presence.

In order to get this quiet follower to make some noise its best to have strong call to actions to engage them. This can be achieved through creating appealing and relevant content to them such as polls, images, and videos.

2. The Casual ‘Liker’ 

Similar to the quiet follower the casual liker’s treads a little louder online. The casual liker is typically a customer of yours and has connected with your brand’s social media for positive reasons (e.g happy with purchase, good customer service). The casual liker follows your brand in order to promote to their friends, therefore boosting your social visibility.

To keep the casual liker engaged its important to keep creating engaging posts about products or services that encourages the follower to share them.

3. The Deal Seeker

The deal seeker has be identified as the most common type of social media user. The deal seeker is all about finding the best deal and will make their purchasing decisions based on value over loyalty. This is done through keeping up to date with businesses deal offers on social media. The deal seeker will boost your sales and bring in new clientele by sharing your deals.

Want to keep the deal seeker around? All you need to do is keep offering deals, promotions and show your appreciation and in return you’ll get more sales and more business.


4. The Unhappy Customer

The customer every business dreads, yes the unhappy customer is a common social media predator.  The unhappy customer is very vocal about any negative experience they have had with your business and will share it (sometimes loudly) online and expects a resolution to their issue, and promptly. The unhappy customer can negatively affect your online reputation.

How to avoid the unhappy customer? Unhappy customers are unfortunately inevitable with any business but how you can soften the blow of the unhappy customer is to monitor your social media pages and respond to any negative comments within 24hrs.


5. The Ranter

Otherwise known as the over opinionated, argumentative, troublemakers/ trolls of the internet. Yes, the ranter may or may not be a customer of yours but they are on the search to get into a debate about something online, and it could just it on your Facebook page.

How to handle the ranter? Don’t feed the troll, in other words keep your cool and do not engage with the ranter in any conversations that are not related to your business.


6. The Cheerleader

The Cheerleader will typically like, share and comment on everything (and I mean everything) you post. They will enter all your promotions and spread the word about you, building awareness of your brand.

How to handle a Cheerleader? Well us jocks need to keep them in line by ensuring the content they are cheering for is worthy of cheering about, especially as their online contacts will see it. Posting content such as limited time offers, events or product information is perfect content for a cheerleader to cheer about!


7. The Loyal Fan

A business favorite customer, your number #1 fan! The loyal fan is, well loyal to you both online and offline. They are positive to your business as they recommend your brand to others, provide praise as well as constructive criticism, and have your back to defend you against unhappy customers or ranters.

How to keep a loyal fan loyal? Acknowledge their loyalty by rewarding them with exclusive gifts. Another great way is to use their positive comments across all your marketing efforts.


Do you agree that these are the most common types of social media users? What other tips do you have for engaging these users? 






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