Facebook Ads or Promoted Posts: Which one should your business be using?

Although Facebook is an excellent way to promote, target and engage your audience, doing so can come at a cost (and at times a hefty one). Facebook are after all a business just like you, and like any business when doing business with another business (say business one more time) they want a return on their profits, which is fair. Therefore in order to make a profit, Facebook is making it rather difficult for businesses to connect with their followers unless they pay up.

But hey, at least they give you two options right? You can advertise your business using, Facebook Ads and Promoted Posts. But which one is going to give you, your moneys worth? We compare ads to promoted posts to determine the most effective advertising/ promotion tool Facebook has to offer.

Facebook Ads

The most common option used by businesses, Facebook ads allows you to place paid ads which are then displayed to your targeted audiences. These then usually appear on the right hand side of your page, like so…


How it works:

When setting up your ad, you can select your audience, and narrow it location to better target your target audience. This can be done using demographic factors such as age, sex or even targeting people with specific interests, for example ‘sport’ ‘shopping fanatics’, cooking etc. Once you have done this Facebook will then use this info to estimate the size of your target audience. The number of individuals to whom the ad is actually served depends on your budget and there is no guarantee that anyone will click on your ads.

Advantages & Disadvantages: 


Promoted Posts

Think of it like this – if standard Facebook post’s (that you see appear on newsfeed & pages) and Facebook ads had a baby it would create promoted posts. Okay, horrible introduction but that’s basically what Promoted Posts are. See example below.


How it works:

If my baby concept did not help here is a little bit more information on what Promoted Posts are.

When you post you have the option of promoting your posts (to reach a wider audience), by selecting the ‘promote’ button. In the early days (Before September 2012 to be exact), this option was available free to users. Now this option comes at a cost – if you want your message to be shown to your followers the more you have to pay, and at times depending on your brand this can be costly! Click here for an example of how severe the cost’s can be! 


 Advantages & Disadvantages: 


So who is better?

Well, I unfortunately do not have a definite answer for you. Both options have advantages but it really comes down to your business, what are you trying to achieve and your budget.

Want to promote an event? Then I suggest Promoted Posts

What to advertise product? Then go with a Facebook ads

If you are starting out, best to go with Facebook ads as this will help you build a fan base as promoted posts only work off your current fan base. To give you a better idea of the comparison between the two, refer to the below chart.



How are you promoting your brand on Facebook? Have you found ads or prompted posts have been more effective for you?

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