5 Mobile Marketing Myths Busted!

We bust 5 common mobile marketing myths and highlight the importance of mobile marketing for your brand. 


1. You can only reach a young audience

Whoever told you this is a liar! Although 73% of those aged 18-29 use a smart phone, 66% of 30-49 year olds ALSO use a smart phone! My grandfather who is in his 80’s has asked for an iPhone for his birthday because it’s easier to use. So that myth is obviously not true. The rise in smartphones & tablets will online continue to increase. In fact, it has been predicted that 30% of tablet users ‘Down under’ (aka Australia) will come from 30-49 year old age bracket.



2. TV advertising is more effective than mobile sites

Again, false! We have told you time and time again how social media is replacing traditional media and the importance of Transition Marketing towards integrating Social Media so my next point should come as no surprise to you. Today’s consumers, audience, target market (whatever you want to call them) are using multiple platforms and mediums – therefore there are new ways to access them and engage them. 77% percent of the time that we are watching TV, we are using another device, which 49% of the time is a smartphone. So back to our phone of transition marketing, your TV advertising should be in line with your digital, allows real time communication –  kill two birds with one stone.


3. Mobile advertising is ineffective

The Australian Mobile Phone Lifestyle Index (AMPLI) found that 54% of Australian’s have engaged with mobile advertising and that 57% of Australian’s have opted into receive SMS or MMS messages from businesses (47% last year).These stats suggest that mobile phone respondents are increasingly becoming more proactive and responsive in the use of the mobile phone to engage with businesses. With new interactive media available, it’s evident that mobile advertising is a powerful tool for brands.


4. All you can do with mobile is app engagement

We already told you how mobile is changing the way we do business and just to prove my point further here are some stats for you. According to the Sensis social media report, 67% of Australian social user’s access social sites on a smartphone. AMPLI found that 51% percent access the internet more than once a day of their smartphone. The phones are designed to be used for a wide range of purposes (calling, messaging, browsing, shopping, paying bills, entertainment etc.) and that’s how users are going to use them.  Don’t ignore the advertising opportunities on today’s phone and see that it goes way beyond apps.


5. My competitors aren’t using mobile

Don’t be a sheep, lead the crowd! You only need to see examples from some of the biggest companies in the world using mobile advertising to understand its importance. For example Coca-Cola USA’s, ‘Hilltop’ campaign which won an award for best user experience, that encouraged interaction with their message ‘send someone a free coke’.

A summary of the videos describes it as,

“A dynamic video with Google Maps, Street View (refer to point #4 about utilising other features of mobile) and composite motion graphics shows the Coke’s journey from the viewer’s current location to the vending machine across the globe. Users can wait for confirmation of their Coke’s delivery, or enter an email address to be notified later. Once the Coke is delivered, recipients are not only treated to the generosity of a stranger, thousands of miles away, but they can also say ‘thanks’ by sending a video message of their own back to the user.” – mobiThinking


View more mobile campaign winners here.


Advertising shows us that engaging with multiple screens, mediums and devices is the only way to reach audiences effectively. Remember, you can advertise on TV all your like but your audience will most likely be looking at their phone while your commercial is playing.

Now that we have cleared up all the mobile myths for you, time to sit your team down and think seriously about breaking into the mobile space. Not sure where to start or what to do? Contact us on 03 8517 2000 or at frank@frankmedia.com.au 

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