Outdoor Child Abuse Awareness Ads Only Visible to Children

Spanish organisation Anar Foundation created a special kind of advertising targeted at child abuse victims typically under the age of 10.


Anar have used lenticular printing for this campaign which means those looking at the poster from different angles will see different  images. Lenticular printing is a concept which has existed for several decades – and has been used for various purposes, perhaps most memorably as “animated” stickers found on children’s lunchboxes, stationery and other items (BBC News, 2013).

The adult will only see a general poster ad with a warning about child abuse, whereas the child will see a”secret” message on the campaign poster reads (translated from Spanish): “If somebody hurts you, phone us and we’ll help you.”

The objective for this campaign was that if the poster contained a phone number that was visible to both the adult (potential abuser) and child, the adult may discourage the child from contacting the number and seeking help. By making a private message only visible to the child, the abused child may be more inclined to seek help without altering their abuser.


Here is a video to show you how Anar’s campaign works and the imagery visible to adults & children:




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