Tips to help you create a successful Facebook contest app: Infographic

Tips to help you create a successful Facebook contest app

Online Facebook competitions for brands and businesses are the biggest rave of today. It’s the reason people follow your brand online! Refreshing the page over & over again waiting for your next offer…well maybe not that full on but for me everything from 10% off my next purchase to win a trip to NY gets my heart racing with excitement!
However many companies, even very successful ones can often run a Facebook contest/ promotion and fail because the execution is just off. So if you are going to do it, you need to know how to do it right in order to make the most out of your campaign and grab you audiences attention, get their hearts racing and most importantly get entries & generate traffic!
Here is an infograhic by Shortstack which gives you all the tips & trick you need to know when setting up and promoting your Facebook contest app.
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