Twitter Launches its New #Music App

Twitter Launches its New #Music App

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Okay so, continuing on with Twitter. Last week the Twitter #Music app was officially launched, hurrah! And it’s already going off! Just check some of these Tweets from some well known names.

Now what this app is designed to do is recommend music to you based on the artists you are following on Twitter as well as what’s trending on Twitter. This new service is changing the way Twitter users are discovering #Music.

Through Twitter activities such as tweets and engagement #trending – Twitter will detect the most popular artists and songs and show you all about them. So those of you who are just discovering Gangman Style now, this will never happen again.

Now Twitter is also made up of many famous and emerging musicians, so this app will also bring forward the content and activity on these profiles, so as you go to their profiles you can see what these artists are following and listening to. See what is currently inspiring these artists, listen to them and tweet the songs (right from the app of course). Anything music related will not go unnoticed.

The #Music app is divided into four different areas:

Suggested Tab: Shows artists you might like based on those that you follow, and who they themselves follow.

Now Playing: Shows you songs your friends are listening to, or talking about.

Popular: Shows you new music that’s trending across Twitter

Emerging: Shows “hidden talent found in tweets”, using an algorithm to dig out music that’s not currently well known to the listener.


The songs on Twitter’s #Music app comes from 3 sources – Itunes, Spotify & Rdio. By default you will hear songs on iTunes when browsing the app, but you will only hear previews. Spofity and Rdio subscribers will be able to hear the full track so it’s worth (if you haven’t) signing up to either one of these.

Now, whilst you can tweet what you’re listening to and make a comment #bestsongever, you do have to go back to the regular Twitter app for normal Twitter functions #aww. But the people you are following and who are following you are integrated across both apps saving you from going through and finding everyone again #phew.

The music app is also aesthetically appealing (some say compared to the the regular Twitter app). Squares of photos of artists fill the screen and bounce around in response to swipes. The app also starts a turntable spinning with a little picture of album cover art when playing a song.

#Music can be accessed online as a web version or as an iPhone app, available for download from the App Store. Currently this is only available in the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Has anyone tried this yet? What did you think? Discover something cool yet?


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