Facebook Rumored to be Incorporating #Hashtag’s#

Last week, The Wall Street Journal announced that Facebook is said to be incorporating the infamous #hashtag# into its site by using the hashtag as a way to group conversations. Now so far this is just a rumor but most often rumors come true, especially when Facebook is involved.

Facebook owned Instagram already uses hashtags which allows users to sort photos using the symbol (e.g. #summer). Insiders of this development have shared that Facebook is testing whether their hashtags will be used in a similar fashion to Twitter’s, which allows

users to click on a hashtag to pull up posts about similar topics/ events.  This feature allows users to quickly locate conversations around trending topics #PopeFrancis, and then continue to build on those conversations which gives users more reason to stay logged in.

It is unknown how far along Facebook is into the development of the hashtag and its feature on Facebook however we shouldn’t expect to see it anytimesoon.

The battle between social media networks continues! The introduction of hashtags to Facebook increases the fight between Facebook and Twitter for users and advertising dollar. Although both entered the social market with different purposes, Facebook was a connection to family & friends whereas Twitter was a real-time broadcasting device for the rest of the world it seems things are changing. Can’t we all just get along?

Hashtags & Advertising:

Hashtags may open new doors and opportunities for brands and businesses. Hashtag’s provide a new way for businesses and brands to access a new market/group who may not have liked the brand or any connections to those who did, therefore didn’t know of its existence. It’s a new way to be introduced to brands without the impersonality of the ‘old’ style promoted post.

But how…

Promotions/ Campaigns:

We all love a good promotion on Facebook (well I know I do). Hashtags present a great way to further promote competitions, promotions and offers brands run.

For example just say a shoe brand is running a competition offering 20% of new shoes. They could promote their hashtag, #newshoes20%off, in posts that would appear in the newsfeed. How is this any better to the current set up? Well, by clicking on the hashtag, it will reveal anyone using this hashtag in conversation, therefore providing a way to track this feature for advertisers and also by making it easier for Facebook users to find relevant information about the promotion and brand.


Most of us hate the bombarding ads on Facebook but we all know they are not going away anytime soon, so lets make them relevant. A way to incorporate hashtags with advertising is to show results related to what people want/like. Let’s say when a Facebooker searches for a hashtag #Shoes their search results will be directed to a page that lists any conversations containing that hashtag. Adverts then could be placed on these pages, and even targeted so that they are relevant to hashtag.

With enough user uptake and promotion, combined with a clever strategy, hashtags could be a great way for brands to improve exposure on Facebook.


#Do you think this rumor is true? Do you think the introduction of hashtag’s on Facebook is #good #bad?

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