How to Build Customer Loyalty Through Social Media

9 simple ways you can build customer loyalty through your companies social media pages



1.       Location, Location, Location:

In today’s day & age people are all about being quick and efficient. If anything isn’t clear and to the point you will lose an audience’s interest rather quickly. Make it clear on your company’s website what social media platforms you currently have.  Ensure that your company name is as it appears and also feature your logo/ familiar branding so customers can recognise you. Many people can create a Facebook page, but with the correct infrastructure an audience will know that this is your official brand page. You can also list your company name and URL in your social media account descriptions to connect customers to other online platforms.


2.       ‘Click here to follow us’:

Otherwise referred to as a ‘call to action’ – make it simple for your audience to follow you on all your social platforms. This can be achieved by prominently displaying your social account icons on your website, and displaying an icon that links you directly to these accounts. You can also list your accounts in email signatures, newsletters, and anywhere else that visitors are likely to encounter your brand.


3.       Don’t forget you current contacts:

Don’t leave behind your already established customers/ client base. These contacts are just as, if not more important than finding new ones. Use your existing network as advertising, get these contacts on your social pages first and establish your base. These existing customers will assist you in attracting a larger following.


4.       Have something to say – Engagement Through Post’s:

What’s the point in staying around for the party if nothing is happening? It is essential to continuously engage your followers so that they have something to stick around for. It’s important to post frequently (A few times a week) and listen to your audience. The content of these posts could be anything from product/brand news, product demonstration, videos, images, even just wishing everyone a good morning. You are free to post anything you feel is a good representation of your brand.


5.       Make sure post content is relevant:

Continuing on from engaging your followers, it’s essential that the content of the posts are relevant to your target market. Social media is used to engage with customers, not a page for those in the company to interact. Therefore offer your followers content that is of interest to them and yet is relevant to your market and industry (this may require you to do a bit of market research).

Post content that helps educate, inform, and inspire your followers – by applying this approach you’ll find the more valuable your posts are, the more likely customers will engage thus strengthening B2C relationship. A happy customer is a great representative for a brand as they become brand advocates, and will share your content with their family, friends and colleagues.


6.       Engage with your followers:

When you are not posting new content it’s important to engage with your followers. Take the time to have a conversation and really interact with your audience. This can be accomplished by responding to comments (negative & positive) in a timely manner, thanking people for their comments or for re-tweeting your posts and occasionally even share other people’s posts.   You are after all on a social media site so you might as well be social!

This approach allows for a more personal connection between brand and consumer.  We are talking with our customers, not at them.


7.       Prompt customer service:

There are great benefits to having your brand on social media but with the positive also comes the negative. Customers are bound to post some unfavorable things about your brand, whether it would be poor customer service or product quality. It’s essentially a 24hr customer service line.  This is unavoidable, however you can these situations to display great customer service and turn a nasty situation in your favor.

Acknowledge the issue (preferably in no more than 48hrs, the quicker the better), sympathise & identify with the customer and resolve the issue to the best of your ability. By displaying a prompt, sympathetic, fair service you will win points. Use customer concerns to build loyalty, with that customer and with the audience that’s watching.


 8.       Promotions:

Promotions are a fantastic way to capture social networking people’s attention and get them to engage and follow your brand. Many brands have taken this approach and are conducting exclusive promotions and competitions only to their fans/followers on their social networking sties. Therefore in order to reek the benefits of these promotions, people need to become a follower of the brand page(s). It’s a great way to build grow your numbers on social media sites. Be sure to read our blog about the most effective elements to a promotional campaign



9.       Do the math:

With any advertising material you need to establish what is working and what isn’t. What’s reaching your target audience and what is not? To be sure that your social media presence is responsible for contributing to your customer loyalty efforts you’ll need to measure it – Do the math, complete the numbers and analyse the data.

HootSuite put a very informative slide together called Measuring Social Media for Customer Retention for those who are unsure where to start. A must read!


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