Social Media for the Enterprise: A Business Case Video

Social media has been the fastest adopted medium in human history! Never before has a new way of communicating had such a profound impact on the way people live their lives.

To further explore the global social media phenomenon, HootSuite have put together a short video called, Social Media for the Enterprise: A Business Case’


A must see video for those already adopting social media and even those who have yet to delve into the online world –  This video explores the importance of businesses embracing social media.


Topics HootSuite explore in this video:

  • Discover how some of the pioneers of social business have stayed one step ahead of the game by embracing social media company-wide.
  • Hear insight from digital analysts and brands pioneering social media within enterprises
  • Learn from brands like Virgin, who capture value and breakdown internal employee silos
  • See how social business transcends B2C and B2B relationships into P2P (People to People)


Hear from these thought leaders:


This is a great video to share with those who are still a bit skeptical of the importance of social media and the benefits for them as an organisation. If billionaire Richard Branson can’t persuade you, I don’t know what can!

So what did you think of this video? How does your company use social media? Are you fully embracing its power?


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