Viral Likes Get Puppy

The power of social media is demonstrated by two sisters, determined to get a new puppy, spurred on by father, Ryan Cordell, who challenged them to attract one million ‘likes’, achieved in just 7 hours.

“Hi World”, the poster reads. “We want a puppy! Our dad said we could get one if we get 1 million Likes! So LIKE this!” And then, in smaller writing: “He doesn’t think we can do it!”


After losing their dog to cancer last year, the father-of-five set up Facebook page ‘Twogirlsandapuppy’ for the girls to post a photo, simply asking users to ‘like’ the image for the quest of a new family member. Within just 7 hours, the post had already received one million hits.

The girls’ confidence successfully led them to win the bet, and their parents gave in to the promise of a new puppy, one in need of a new home from the North Shore Animal League in Long Island. After generating over a million likes for the well-deserved puppy, the family decided to name the cross-breed “Millie”. As well as posting photos of Millie and her progress, the Facebook page is now being used to promote North Shore Animal League America and other local animal shelters to help save more animals through donations, supported by YouTube video “Give $1 to Animal Rescue!”

Although it is evident that social media has the capability to enable transparent communication, its power can be underestimated. This example confirms that brands are able to generate simple viral content, relying on digital thumbs up, using basic messaging, and clear call-to-action, and in this case, done so on an emotional level.

This is certainly a story with a happy ending!



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