Twitter Marketing: How to Approach Twitter in your Business

Twitter Marketing: How to Use Twitter in Your Business

We have talked to you about getting your business started on Pinterest but today we would like to explore how Twitter can be used in businesses and some of the benefits of getting your business on Twitter. We will also share some tips from author & social media expert Mark Schafer on ways to approach Twitter as a business.


How to Use Twitter for Business (Update)

The first question to ask yourself is – Is your business the type that can benefit from personal networking? If you answered yes, than Twitter is something you should definitely consider.


Where Twitter fits into the Marketing Strategy for Businesses

The amazing thing about Twitter is that it can do many different things. It’s a great learning tool and a place to keep up with the news.

A 140 character limit on Twitter can actually go a long way towards building brand loyalty. Twitter works in building your brand image and finding people to connect to, to help you do that.

Compared to other social networking tools like Facebook & blog’s, Twitter makes it easy to find people and build a following. You do not have to follow them back (and vice versa), they don’t even need to be an actual acquaintance – it’s about building your own audience and learning things from the people you are connected to on Twitter.

If your business successfully surrounds itself with a relevant target audience on Twitter, this audience can then provide your business with great content.

What can you do with this content? Well one option is to re-tweet it. Re-tweeting simply means you are sharing someone else’s Tweet (full credit going to the original Tweeter). Through re-tweeting you can create value for your audience through the content of others, and only content you see relevant. It serves as an attempt to engage with others, build a connection, share similar values & opinions or just simply link something because it’s entertaining. For your business this is a great way to build your audience, network & connect and get you onto people’s radars getting your business noticed.

A great way to start building up your followers is to ‘Follow’ others. If someone starts following you, do a little bit of research on whom or what they are and then if it’s in line with your organisation, follow them back. The strategy is that if you’re a legitimate person trying to connect, the other person will follow you back because that’s the real value of Twitter.

Mark Schaefer, author of Return on Influence and The Tao of Twitter shares some tips on how he uses Twitter to create stronger business relationships and improve customer service.

1. Managing your Audience

At times Twitter can seem like an unmanageable wall of noise. To assist in drowning out this noise Mark recommends segmenting your Twitter followers into lists using HootSuite.

HootSuite can assist in identifying the spammers following you and also help you find those people who are inactive. It’s a way you can avoid missing anything from the people you can learn from.


2. Twitter and Customer Service  

A common activity on Twitter and other social networking sites are customers complaining. While it’s easy to delete negative comments, this is the wrong approach to a problem. We have to be in tune with how our customers are using social media, when they’re using it and what their expectations are. Then we need to make a business decision about how we adjust and adapt to these new conditions.

If you are not available on the other end to answer your customer’s questions, then it can hurt your reputation. It’s important to have someone in your organisation monitoring your Twitter account so they are available to answer any customer queries or complaints that may arise.


3. Ways to Market Events on Twitter

What other ways are available on Twitter to market events aside from using #hashtags?

People are sick of being advertised and sold to. If your business creates a Twitter page with the intention to try to sell, sell, sell, advertise and market, people are going to tune out and you are going to lose your followers.

Mark advises business to be patient, consistent and methodical in building an engaged audience that’s of interest to your business. That way, when you do have an event, they won’t be surprised and will support you. If you naturally interact and inform, then people will be attracted to you.

If you build it, they will come.


4. A Twitter Marketing Strategy to Consider 

A great way to market your business is to give your brand a personality. One new thing that Mark finds effective is certain businesses creating entertaining persona and Tweets.

For example, there was a US Company that created a persona of a shopper, where you can follow her shopping experiences in NYC. Even though people knew it was fake, they were telling a story through Twitter that was engaging to its followers.

Another example is Coca-Cola, who created a Twitter account for their founder, Dock Pemberton. It’s an account where he makes fun of himself (despite having passed away long, long ago).




The possibilities are endless with Twitter and similar to Pinterest, Twitter wants to makes the process as painless and simple as possible for you. They are holding your hand and offering you advice every step of the way. So sign up your business on Twitter today!

So if you are just starting to explore social media we encourage you to give Twitter a try. If you get confused or need some assistance along the way give FRANk Media a call on: 03 8517 2000. We’d love to help!

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