Report Reveals State Of Digital Marketing

We’re often going on about how important it is for brands to adopt digital marketing and try to be social. Reports like this one (if you don’t want to sign up to read, a detailed overview can be found here) by Adobe and the CMO council will show you why.

It’s not just us either that believe companies can easily gain a competitive advantage over their competitors, 93% of surveyed marketers agree with us. The more worrying statistic from the report however was that of these surveyed marketers, only 6% thought their company had a high level of digital marketing proficiency.

Australia is ahead of the rest of the pacific however, producing encouraging results from investing more heavily than others in digital marketing. Low budgets for digital marketing seem to be the largest suppressing factor when questioning why companies in the rest of the pacific aren’t growing more digitally.

Adobe’s Mark Phibbs defined four points which he believed needed to be covered to get digital marketing heading in the right direction for 2013. These four points were:

  • Appoint senior digital marketing leaders to own the marketing strategy alignment to key business drivers
  • Make sure your organization is measuring the right elements in order to demonstrate ROI
  • Boost in-house dedicated, skilled analytics resources to drive the shift from tactical KPI measurement to prove ROI and leverage data for analytic insights
  • Continue investment in measurement and optimization technologies as well as ongoing staff training

Is your business putting enough time and effort into their digital marketing?

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