FRANk Jam November 8, 2012 – our pickings of the week

Social media news of the week:

Are your Facebook posts’ reach declining? You may need to step up your engagement

Brands and page managers may have seen lower reach numbers on their Facebook posts and some believe that Facebook has purposefully reduced it through the algorithms so that more brands pay to promote their posts. However what happened was : 1. Facebook made it easier for users to report spammy posts from pages, 2. Facebook changed their EdgeRank algorithm to more heavily reflect user engagement with posts. So if someone has never clicked Like, comment, or share on any of a page posts, Facebook has made it less likely to show up on your feed. We have found that posts that had a lot of initial engagement still reach a big audience. So if your brand post reach has dropped you may need to rethink your content calendar
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NASA’s How-To on content marketing through social media

It’s the decentralization of the social media process–ideas and follow-through from every nook of the NASA universe–that allows NASA to produce so much fascinating content. The level of direct engagement with the public is also what makes NASA’s Internet presence so remarkable. Read more





21 ways online retailers can improve customer retention rates

The holiday season is looming ahead and for retailers it’s a huge opportunity to bring in sales. Here are a whole bunch of great tips by econsultancy on how to drive customer retention online. Offering excellent social customer service can’t be ignored as a factor! Read more


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