If You’re Not Listening, You’re Not Competing

It is all too often you’ll see brands online not listening to their followers. They have the ability to monitor what material generates activity and what doesn’t. So all publicity is good publicity right?

Well not in this case, the ability of a brand to listen and respond accordingly to feedback from followers has the ability to greatly influence their success online. It’s also the base factor for being a social business. Not only listening to what your followers have to say, giving your followers a response and interacting with them makes them feel appreciated and allow for a greater insight into their motivations and minds.

What do these improved insights reveal for us?

Now we can have a more specific understanding of the type of material we should be targeting towards them. Products and campaigns can be more effectively tailored towards your target market, and there is less guess work involved around the desires of your followers. Effectively, social media provides a useful tool in market research. Many companies spend ridiculous sums of money trying to gain insight into the inner goings on of their consumers, but if they just stopped to try and communicate with their followers online they’d gain a similar level of understanding.

By listening to your followers, 3 key trends occur:

  • Brands that listen, and respond, will gain ground on competitors that aren’t through their retention of social data
  • Consumers are humanised, so that brands gain a deeper understanding than just the information they provide on their pages
  • Brands will become media sources, people will begin to rely on them for up to date, valuable information.

Are you doing all you can to listen and respond to your followers?

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