New LinkedIn Profile, Better For Building Relationships

The new formatting for LinkedIn profile’s have been introduced this week. The site which currently hosts 175 million users, believe the new LinkedIn profile will provide necessary changes to make building professional relationships on the site even easier.

The changes to LinkedIn include:

1. Users can tell their professional story

The new layout will allow users to create a solid first impression and display their skills and accomplishments. New tools have also been provided to make it easy to create a complete and up-to-date profile.

2. Discover people and opportunities

The changes to the profile make it show rich, visual insights on the people and companies within your network. Discovering people outside of your network  is now even easier with insights. This allows users to quickly create solid, meaningful connections and gain a common ground with other users they hope to engage with.

3. An enhanced ability to engage with your network

It has also made it easier to see what your network is up to and to engage with them. Recent activity is now on the top of a users profile, this allows you to keep up to date with the activity of your network.

Take a look at the new LinkedIn profile below:



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