Facebook “Want” Button, A Good Thing For F-Commerce?

Facebook have came out in the open for what has previously been speculated upon by many. The new “Want” button will allow users to show their interest in products displayed by companies.

So how is this actually all that different to the “Like” button that already exists?

Well it provides a more specific and meaningful metric for businesses, it will be able to show when people are genuinely interested in an item rather then when they’re just thinking “Oh well that’s cool, might as well like that”. The new “Want” button will be displayed in the top left corner of photos and appears strangely similar to the “Re-pin” button on Pintrest.
















But is this creating too much clutter for users in an attempt to gain a greater insight into their minds?

This will all depend on the data that is able to be attained from it, and provided back to businesses. The Facebook “Want” button is currently being trialed by several businesses, to assess its effectiveness. I think the hardest part for businesses will be trying to distinguish between the two separate metrics that Facebook is now creating, “Likes” and “Wants”, and the meanings they’ll be able to put behind either.

One thing differentiating this from the “Re-pin” button is the added option of being able to purchase these items straight from Facebook. But will users still shy away from shopping on Facebook like they have in the past? Facebook is not often considered the first place to look when shopping online, and whether Facebook’s “Want” button will change this, time will tell.


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