The key to social media success

The key to social media success is simple: stop selling, start doing. Because actions speak louder than words.

Social media does not tolerate bullshit, flim flammery, lies and deceit. If you try to portray your brand as something it isn’t, you will be found out super quickly.

Zappos is always a great example to quote when it comes to great customer service. Rather than advertising their great customer service, Zappos just wows its customers repeatedly.

In return, Zappos does not need to advertise its products. Happy and loyal customers do the advertising for Zappos every day on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest and of course face to face in real life.

The key to success? The success is rooted in its  10 core values that each employee religiously follows. No 1 value:  Deliver wow through service. NOT advertise wow through service.

To sell on Facebook, brands need to stop selling:

1) Stop selling how awesome you are and just do all the awesome things you advertise. 

2) Put your energy into making your customers better at something they care about

3) If you have to pay for it, it is not friendship and loyalty. You must earn both through your actions. 

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