FRANk Jam October 4, 2012 – our pickings of the week

Social media news of the week:

Target creates shoppable branded content with a romantic comedy… about creating a campaign

Target (USA) has done some unique marketing campaigns in the past. This Fall season it’s going for branded content as it rolls a three-part romantic comedy starring some big names. The plot revolves around a pair of Target team members who are competing to create the retailer’s next big Fall marketing campaign. Target products featured in the film are displayed on the side and viewers can tag their favourite items while watching. The first part is now out online and the next ‘episodes’ will be released within the next week, culminating in a live event on October 10 in NYC. View the first part of the campaign


New Taploid web app turns your newsfeed into a gossip magazine

A new web app that has been introduced has been designed to compound and format your Facebook newsfeed into a gossip style magazine. Regularly there is so much to keep up with on Facebook that it is easy to miss something. The Taploid web app runs natural language processing on your Facebook feed to produce a gossip magazine of subtle trends and juicy tales. Read more?




4 basic steps taken by Jim Beam to build their brand image

A very reputable company, Jim Beam recently divulged the inner goings on of their business. In doing this, master distiller Fred Noe outlined 4 aspects that he believed worked cohesively to form their strong brand image. Read more?



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