Social Media has grown up- it is no longer experiential, disconnected and cute

Social media has matured and is recognized as a powerful and integral part of a business strategy. And gone are the days where social media platforms such as Facebook were reserved for the hip and happening crowd.   

The first brands on Facbook were Sony Pictures, Verizon, Coca Cola, CBS and Blockbuster among others. All the cool kids came to the party and opened a Facebook page just because they could. They were the first movers, the “innovators” and it was simply enough to show your Facebook page to tick the “social media box”.

Social Media has evolved--

But times have changed. Social media is integrated into the overall marketing and business strategy. It is no longer enough to simply set up a Facebook and Twitter account without a strategy and purpose. And it is those brands who were not part of the hip party crowd when Facebook launched that really rock social media.

Think toilet paper on Pinterest as mentioned in our latest FRANkademy session– Cottonelle came up as one of the finest examples of social media use for FMCG. What images would a toilet paper brand possibly be uploading to Pinterest? It’s not what you think!

Eurail, a 50 year old transport company, rocks customer service on Facebook.

37Signals, a web based app provider, uses its blog to demonstrate its skills, knowledge and thought leadership.

IBM uses social media for B2B sales lead generation.

Sportsgirl works social media to educate its customers about the latest fashion trends and how to wear them.

What all the above mentioned brands have realised is that it takes creativity, innovation and forward thinking to succeed with social media. The days are gone were the social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. are expected to carry the heavy load when a brand wants to do “this social thing”. After all, how innovative or social is it that your TVC is now on YouTube?

Social media is all about being relevant, helpful and discoverable. Stop selling to sell- simple as that.






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