People Talking About This – A Crucial Metric for Facebook Engagement

You may have noticed the relatively new statistic that is viewable on all company Facebook pages, that is “People Talking About This” (often called PTAT). This helpful  metric is the combination of various other figures taken from the last seven days that gives companies an effective way of measuring their engagement and the extent of which the brand posts are  entering users’ news feeds (i.e. organic Facebook reach).

The ‘People Talking About This’ number created is the sum of all the following from the seven days prior:

  • People liking your page
  • Liking, commenting on, or sharing your page’s post
  • Answering a Question you’ve asked
  • Responding to your event
  • Mentioning your page
  • Tagging your page in a photo
  • Checking in or recommending your place

So do this new statistic offer an accurate form of measurement for businesses?

Sure, it allows business to see very up to date results and impacts of various campaigns they undertake. It also allows them to see the material that gains the most interest from their followers, so they have a better idea of what to post in future.
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As can be seen above, the statistics can be provided from day to day which is crucial for such a rapidly changing environment like Facebook.


So how do you increase your “People Talking About This” metric?

Follow these 5 steps:

  1. Post smart content, material relative to your followers and your brand image.
  2. Post photos, good quality, interesting, relative images.
  3. Promotion of your best posts – e.g. page post ads for your most engaging posts to further drive engagement.
  4. Timing – ensure your posts are during the right time of day, when your followers are most active online.
  5. Engage – instead of waiting for fans to engage with the content you post, engage with them and respond to their comments. Respond as quickly and as positively as possible.
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