Love, crushes and social media strategy – more similar than you think

Let’s take a break from our work duties for a moment and take a trip down memory lane – Do you remember your biggest crush? I’m guessing most of us had our big crushes, big stalker-type loves, back when we were in middle school or high school – when we were a bit more socially inept and awkward – hence the pressure!

You see a cutie from afar – or maybe you’ve been casually introduced by a mutual friend. But one thing is for certain – they are smoking. Everything about them – their smile, their grotty stationery, the way they get so excited about Third Eye Blind – you Absolutely Adore.

Back then, we’d look out for them in the cafeteria, around their hang out spots. Maybe we’d even *gasp* ON PURPOSE try to be there. We secretly learned their routines and habits. We tried to find out what their favourite colour was, their favourite song (and then try to play it on guitar), whether they preferred pizza or hot dogs … so that when the opportunity for a conversation came, we could show how we could be perfect together… without looking too obviously try-hard.

FRANk Media - Crushes Love and Social Media Strategy ... More similar than you think

I’m sure this type of behaviour isn’t just me. Now in the age of social media, it has become quite normal behaviour to use Facebook, Twitter and so on to find out more about people we’re interested in, so that when we could actually have a conversation, we’d know which buttons to press to get them to like us and be interested in us.


But why does our innate drive to source information about people appear to stay confined in the crush zone?

Why are brands not doing their most to find out more about their crushes (read: the consumer) before jumping the gun on a social media? You need to know what to say, how to act, what your consumers want and value – and most importantly, where they are at in their perception of your brand and your products and services.

Without trying to find out more about your consumer before proposing marriage, you risk a really awkward situation. Social media is a private, personal forum where people dislike being sold to without giving permission, or having shown you mutual interest.

It’s crucial to conduct proper research on your target consumers with regard to where they hang out (platforms), what they desire (what you can offer in social), and monitor the opportunities to attract them further as they move from awarenesss, consideration, intention, to purchase. And once you’ve got a hook on them, how can you show them some love?



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