FRANk Jam September 6, 2012 – our pickings of the week

Social media news of the week:

Twitter releases explicit interest targeting for Promoted Tweets

By targeting topical interests, brands can now connect with greater numbers of users when using Promoted Tweets. Similar to Facebook ad targeting, there are broad and precise targeting options. Previously, the only way a Promoted Tweet would appear in the stream would be if the promoted account was already being followed, or if Twitter algorithms decided that the user was a close match to the account’s current followers. Read more?


Facebook allows targeting ads to user ID, email address and phone numbers

This week Facebook will begin allowing brands to advertise to users by Facebook IDs, email addresses or phone numbers (information that some users have already provided on their profiles). This is great news for trying to bring existing customers over to the brand Facebook page for continuous engagement. Read more?


Zappos pinpoints social media commerce value: one tweet is worth 45 pins

Zappos Labs has taken on the task of analysing the sales value of customers sharing orders via social media. Customers are more likely to share on Pinterest than on Twitter (13x) or Facebook (8x), but Zappos research found that an order shaerd on Twitter generates $33.66 in Zappos sales – making a Tweet worth 45 that of a Pin! Read more?


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