Social media as a change agent

A recent article in Adnews titled “Most marketers see social media as a change agent” caught my attention and I absolutely agree that social media changes…but what?

FRANk media_social media has a knock on effect--

The entry to social media is often via marketing. But social media is more than a Facebook page. It affects a company to its core and changes how you advertise (move from push to pull marketing for example), how you communicate internally and externally and provides you with real time customer insights. Social media is great for customer service, recruitment and your search results. It extends tactical campaigns and provides a platform for customers and potential customers to approach your brand. So it is fair to say that social media changes a lot provided you let the change happen.

And that is exactly the problem. Many brands are resistant to change. After all, isn’t it more convenient to copy and paste last year’s media plan and hope for the best? While that may have worked in the past to some extend, it won’t this time.

Customers are social, brands are not. Unfortunately, it is time to change and keep up with the times…




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