FRANk Jam July 5, 2012 – our pickings of the week

Social media news of the week:

Twitter breaks up with LinkedIn

Users can continue to post updates from LinkedIn to Twitter by checking the “share on Twitter” option, but not the other way around – tweets will no longer appear on LinkedIn. Read more?


IBM’s augmented reality app to be a sales tool

IBM is investigating the possibility of using augmented reality to help retailers provide more product information to customers, as well as to gather more information about customers. A prototype has been developed, that can be used by store goers to identify products and retrieve more information about potential products. Read more?


Study: Social TV keeps viewers engaged when minds might wander

Interacting with social media on a second screen makes viewers more engaged in programming than if they were watching alone without social media, according to the study by Time Warner Research Council. Instead of distracting viewers, it merely augments the way that they view TV. Read more?


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