Social Media Quotastic Monday

Happy Monday!

We thought it would be nice to get our brains rolling with some lightbulb-moment marketing quotes.

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“Marketing is a process, not an event.  This is the reason social media is so difficult for most organisations.”

– Seth Goden

“A brand is a part of a person’s story, not a story in itself.  When marketing exists inside situations, the brands own story is irrelevant…the experience itself will always be stronger.”

-Stephan Gritsch

“Whether physically or through connected technologies, shopping is still best experienced socially.”

-PSFK, Future of retail report

“We’re making more and more decisions based on what can be measured rather than what’s really important.”

-John Steel

“Stop fighting ideas and find solutions.  The questions is not if this WILL WORK, but rather how it MIGHT WORK.”

-Helge Tenno




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