Brands jumping on board viral crazes – hit or miss?

Looking for a way to enhance communication and interaction within your social media space? Well taking advantage and piggybacking off current online trends such as meme’s (a small funny comic generally just presented as a picture), and viral video’s may effectively allow you to do so.

Many companies are attempting to place their own image into their own versions of memes and viral videos. Pop singer (and probable one-hit-wonder, we’ll wait and see) Carly Rae Jepsen’s song “Call Me Maybe” has allowed many businesses to create their own parodies and interact with their followers.

A prime example of this is Abercrombie & Fitch’s version which features its models from all its flagship stores around the word dancing to the earworm. With almost 6 million views so far, this is an effective way to leverage off these crazes.


Nova radio show hosts also gave their take on the song:


Is jumping on online crazes suitable to all businesses though? Sure these memes can be customised in such a way that brands can portray their image and personality. But this is limited and it must be determined whether this sort of humour is the best thing for a brand and if it fits with the overarching social media strategy and goals. Loyal customers and fans who expect more than Internet humour from a brand may be offended or off put by such content if it’s bordering ‘too much’. The exploitation of memes for eyeballs is very tempting indeed, but it needs to be carefully implemented in such a way that remains true to the brand image but leverages off the current popularity of the craze used.

Stereosonic received some negative feedback after consistently posting pictures unrelated to the festival itself, but poking fun at Paris Hilton’s foray into DJing. A fan, Grahame Buchanan said:

“Stereosonic: please don’t make me unsubscribe from you. I want to receive updates on the festival – all these memes and images are getting a bit much though. Please create another page to spam all this bullshit on, thank you.” (Received 26 Likes)

This shows how using funny pictures all the time or at all might not be the smartest choice. Do you think your business is able to effectively use these online craze’s to put itself ahead of competitors in the mind of consumers?

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