The 5 sins of social media marketing

Social media marketing is not rocket science. It’s just human interactions with new shiny tools. That’s it. 

Run from any ‘social media expert’ who recommends you spend big $$$ on Facebook apps and start an Instragram # campaign without researching your brand, your customers and your market environment. Because social media is not about the shiny new tools. They come and go. Social media is about connecting with your consumers. On whatever social media platform they like.

Social media marketing needs to connect with consumers FRANk

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What makes a great social media marketing strategy simply boils down to human interactions.


The following 5 sins have been adapted from an article on Seth’s blog and apply not just to social media marketing. 


  1. Impatience: Don’t rush social media marketing and think it through first. There is no point in setting up a Facebook page before you know what content and resource you can put on it. That approach will take considerable more cost and time than doing it slowly and right the first time.
  2. Selfishness: Consumers have a choice. If it is always about your brand, consumers are not interested and choose to go somewhere else. social media marketing just requires simple human interactions- FRANk--
  3. Flimflammery: Brands need to be transparent and tell the truth. Otherwise consumers don’t feel confident to buy from you.
  4. Inconsistency: Consumers appreciate hearing a familiar tune when they choose to listen to your brand. Don’t change what you stand for to please others.
  5. Jealousy: There will always be somebody doing it better than you. Accept that and don’t let your jealousy affect your products and attitude.

Social media marketing can be that simple. Just try honesty, generosity, integrity and be a good listener and you will not regret it! 



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