Australian’s social media usage evolves

Australian social media usage appears to be evolving, according to a 2011 survey by Tick Yes and Nine Rewards. A survey of 885 people aged 18 to 70+ from all around the country took part in a survey on social media habits.

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Where are they going?As you guessed, Facebook is the most popular site, visited by 85.5% of people. YouTube is the second most popular at 57.7%.

What are they doing?

20.3% of people use social media to connect with brands and it’s split almost equally between genders with women at 56%. The majority of users who do so are aged in their 20s to 30s.

48.2% use social media to talk about a new purchase and 56% of these are women.

  • 25.5% have used social media to contact a company for customer service or to ask a question.
  • 48.7% of people say their social media usage has increased in the last year.
  • 51.6% access social media at work, 41.9% while watching TV, 34% on holiday, 33.8% in bed, 23.3% during meals, 14.8% while shopping, 21.5% in the bathroom, 3.2% in a place of worship (hmm..) and 2.8% (64% of them men) ‘during intimate moments’!
  • 4.9% of people admit to being ‘addicted’ to social media, while 31.3% spend at least two hours a day on it
  • 47.3% access social media through a mobile device
The attraction for using social media for customer service interactions is stronger among younger generations – 41% of 18 – 24 year olds were likely to switch to more customer-friendly brands.
So, when are you getting on board?
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