FRANk Jam May 3, 2012 – our pickings of the week

Facebook introduces “action links” to interact with apps

Facebook introduced a new feature for apps posting to your Timeline called “action links” today, which allow for greater engagement within apps. These customizable links provide another way for people to do something within your app when your Open Graph stories appear in news feed, timeline, or ticker. Read more?





Tumblr officially open to advertisers

A few weeks ago, Tumblr founder David Karp announced that he was reversing his long-held anti-advertising stance and opening Tumblr Radar up for sponsorship. Sponsorship packages start at $25,000. Read more?








Hasbro faces social media backlash for tricking blogger into revealing address in order to send legal threats

Toy manufacturer Hasbro apparently sued a blogger for leaking information about unreleased products, not knowing that the product information was found freely on online marketplaces. To get his address for legal threats they used the sweetest bait imaginable: free Nerf guns. Read more?

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