Facebook downsizes ads and is yet to alert advertisers

A recently discovered document that was uploaded to Scribd by a number of users contains updated advertising specifications for Facebook. These changes will greatly impact an advertisers ability to catch the eye of consumers, but Facebook strangely opted to not alert advertisers to these adjustments. Changes in specifications now see marketplace ads (those that appear down the side of the newsfeed) decreasing in size and decreasing the amount of characters that can be used in the description.

The document displaying the coming advertising changesĀ  states the changes will go through on the 31st of march, although Facebook already seems to have begun resizing advertisements automatically.
How these ads used to look:
How the ads used to look
How they’re going to look now:
How they're going to look now

The changes by Facebook are an attempt to make their ads from page posts more appealing for advertisers. The larger image size of page post ads makes them more desirable for advertisers over the the traditional marketplace ads.

Example of a page post ad


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