Random Acts of Marketing and Social Media – Are you Socially Guilty?

A quick hello & intro from me – my name is Bec, I’m new to the FRANk team .   I’ve been told I’m not official until the first post, so here it goes…

I was driving through Chippewa, Wisconsin – population 480 – and there it was, right in front of me at the local petrol station, written with a sharpie & duct tape:  “JOIN OUR FACEBOOK PAGE!”

It’s quite endearing thinking about the motivation behind this, but the marketer in me says…why?

This is what we like to call Random Acts of Marketing & Social Media (RAM or RASM).  We don’t know why, who we’re targeting, or what the purpose is, we just know we need to be on Facebook/Twitter/FourSquare/Pinterest!   You’re inviting consumers to your party, forgetting to provide nibbles and locking them inside.  Bad host!

Frank Media_Social Business

RAM has been around for years, and has pretty much gone un-noticed.  Without little consumer insight or ROI, it’s gone as quickly as it appeared.

With RASM, however, you’ve baited your consumers with the promise of (insert content strategy, sales pitch here).  Your brand is linked with your consumer’s social circle and they are expecting you to deliver.  When you fail to, or no longer deliver content, your brand sits stagnant.   You’ll lose your consumers trust and potentially their business.

Unfortunately for the consumer, it’s not just Mum & Pop shops that are taunting us with RASM, the big brands are doing it too.

Take this all too familiar corporate example from our friend Tom:

Big Boss Man: We need a Facebook/Twitter/FourSquare/Pinterest strategy!
Digital Chief:  Social is a long-term strategy. I’m not sure what you mean.
Big Boss Man: We need a Facebook/Twitter/FourSquare/Pinterest strategy!
Digital Chief:  I can pull money from “ x” and put in on Facebook/Twitter/FourSquare/Pinterest

Big Boss Man: Perfect – Now we have a strategy!

In comparison to the slow evolution of ad dollars to digital, at lightning speed, social media spending is about to explode.

So, like “Big Boss Man” above, some brands are quick to jump at whatever is trending without first developing their social strategy.  Like it or not, social is in it for the long haul.  Take this as your opportunity to prepare yourself for wherever the constantly evolving social landscape takes you.

Your strategy behind social should be approached as any other platform:  with business values & consumer needs at the core.

So, if you’ve realized you may be guilty of Random Acts of Social Media – you should expect your business results to be just that: random.   Not sure where to start? Give yourself a FRANk social business check.

Come across any interesting RASM lately?  Share them below…

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