5 tips for creative brilliance

Advertising… if it only were a bit like in Mad Men. I would just love to smoke all day, drink scotch for lunch and then have a snooze on my office couch before I head out for a long client dinner and extra-marital fun. Reality unfortunately looks a bit different in our times, especially for creative agencies.

Creative agencies don’t have it easy. Tight deadlines and clients make it hard to deliver creative brilliance. Many ideas start out great and then have to be watered down by legal departments to nothing but mindless mush. The situation does not get better when creative agencies then take to producing mindless mush in the first instance just to get their work across the line. Watch this video (appropriately titled “Dead Ideas”) to see what I mean:


So how do you avoid getting shot in your next client meeting? Here are some tips and example of a creative job well done:

Start with the consumer in mind– example IKEA in Norway: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kn5GIlLGg2w[/youtube] IKEA Norway found a creative way to sell the new iPad catalogue by getting the consumers to be creative. Nice and easy execution with maximum impact!
Be playful– example Monster: Embracing the inner child is sometimes a very powerful creative tool. The play set by Monster is just such a simple but brilliant execution.

FRANk Media_creative ad by Monster 2

FRANk Media_creative ad by Monster











Controversy– example: Milwaukee Library. The librarians had the big task of making reading interesting for the young ones again and it was not an easy task. To draw the youngsters’ attention away from social media it used it instead to sell the slightly out of fashion business model of borrowing books. But because of the humorous execution it worked and even went viral. Not bad Milwaukee Library!

FRANk Media_use of social media in advertising









Nostalgia- example Stihl: Who doesn’t remember the good old times? Childhood memories are a very powerful creative to tool and the creative heads behind this ad know that.

FRANk Media_creative brilliance














State the obvious– example  Fishermen Waterproof Wellies. Aren’t all wellies waterproof? Exactly, wellies are pretty much all the same and keep water away from your fee. So there is not much room for distinction between brands. Fishermen however found a visual way to differentiate from its competition:

FRANk Media_social and creative agency











If you have any other tips you would like to share with us or have other examples of excellent creative work, let us know!










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