8 things to know about social business

1.“Social” is something you are, not something you do

If your company culture doesn’t focus on building relationships within the business and your customers, then chances are that you won’t use social media to do it either. The “media” doesn’t dictate how social a company is or isn’t, it simply enhances its ability to be a social business.

2. You cannot always effectively outsource community management to an agency

Community management within your social business strategy is vital…being there when customers ask you for help, participating in conversations. None of this can be effectively outsourced, or certainly not unless your agency partner embeds a team with you for a few months and you are both committed to a long term program.

3. A blog is just a blog

Publishing  marketing content is just that, regardless of the publishing platform. Just because you publish marketing content on a blog doesn’t mean it magically morphs into something “authentic” that “engaged customers” will spread through “word of mouth.”

4. Marketing on social media channels doesn’t make a social business

You can’t simply use social media channels to be ‘social’. It is just marketing on social media channels. Just as publishing marketing content on a blog doesn’t make marketing content any less manufactured and biased. To get it right, you need to build a real social media/business strategy– one that is actually social from the core.

5. Transparency isn’t just a word. If you don’t intend to practice it, don’t preach it

Don’t endeavour to embark on a ‘transparent’ social business journey if you aren’t going to do just that. Treat your customers with respect and treat your program on foundations of integrity and professional pride.

6. It’s not all about the tools

Because social is something you are, not something you do, most organisations cannot succeed in the social space by changing what they do and not who they are. “Social” speaks at least as much to your company’s DNA as it does to its business practices. If you don’t really care about your customers, social media won’t magically transform you into someone who does.

7. People are more important than technology. Hire people who care about other people

It doesn’t matter how much Twitter and Facebook you add to your company’s communications or how many awesome monitoring dashboards. Start with your people, not your tools. They are what makes social either work or fail.

8. Listen listen listen

Companies are spending a good deal of their time (and budgets) focusing on producing content, blog posts, social media press releases, tweets, updates, events, and looking to “content strategy” rather than thinking about their listening strategy. Listen to your customers. Listen to your competitors’ customers. Use social technologies to learn how to better serve your customers and become a better company, and you’ll be good to go. Pushing content all day long and measuring likes and impressions won’t get you very far.


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