Thanks to Twitter, the future of TV is bright

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The future of TV is bright thanks to Twitter says a recent article in the Guardian.
But how can this online still somewhat niche social media tool come to the rescue for TV you may ask. After all, TV is a mass medium, loved by all generations and watched around the globe right?

Well, event TV has been in some sort of trouble for a while actually with the rise of on demand and online TV. Why watch regular TV when you can record your fav shows and watch them when you want? This flexibility in viewing habits has two consequences:

  • For us marketers it is no secret that TV advertising is becoming more expensive and fragmented meaning it is a lot dearer to reach the target audience
  • The target audience in turn is tuning out increasingly while watching (bad)TV and finds it quite okay to check Facebook, emails or tweet with others about what they are watching

    So how does Twitter save TV again then?
    Okay so the theory is that bad TV programs (Big Brother, Australia’s Got Talent, It’s a Knockout and other quality shows) would not be as popular or last that long if you could not discuss the cringe-worthy moments of these shows with fellow Twitter users. The Guardian phrases it like this: “If the half decent programs could not be shared, would they even be worth watching?”
    Furthermore, Twitter is awfully quiet when quality drama or documentaries are on supporting this theory. After all, people still prefer following a story than each other.


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