FRANk Jam January 18, 2012- our pickings of the week


FRANk's Social Media Weekly Newsletter Tiffany & Co finds love on Instagram
The luxury jeweler has joined forces with power fashion blogger couple Scott Schuman (The Sartorialist) and Garance Dore to create an Instagram-based campaign documenting real couples in love in Paris and New York, “True Love in Pictures“. With a website and iPhone app, users can upload their own moments of romance with a special Instagram filters by Tiffany – which is of course, includes a Tiffany blue option. Read more?

FRANk Social Media newsletter The iPad has become the metric for measuring tablet web traffic
The latest report from analytics company Chitika indicates that iPads are far and away the leading tablet for browsing the web. For every 100 iPad impressions, the Kindle Fire delivers 2.4 – that’s 2.4% of the impressions that the iPad churns out. View the chart and read more?.

FRANk Social media weekly newsletterDon’t be afraid: Bad reviews improve conversion by 67%
A report by social commerce company Reevoo has released research suggesting that bad reviews are good for business. 68% of consumers trust reviews more when they see both good and bad scores. On the other hand, 30% suspect censorship or faked reviews when they don’t see any negative reviews. In fact, three times as many consumers actively seek out and read negative reviews and stay longer on a sites to carry out highly engaged pre-purchase research. Read more?

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