IKEA brings 54 square metre ideas to life


IKEA is marketing in full force and doing a great job at involving its brand advocates in its campaigns.

Just recently a UK store held a fun sleepover for 100 brand advocates found on Facebook.

Meanwhile in Paris, IKEA created 54 square metres of livable furnished space and had five people (also recruited from the Facebook fan page) crash there for 6 days.

From January 9th to the 14th, frequenters of the Auber metro station in Paris were given a glimpse into the daily routines of five fellow Parisians who actually lived in the little pop-up apartment. Passers-by were able to get a good look at how small spaces could be transformed and comfortably lived in with IKEA furniture – the occupants made dinners, had a party, did Zumba… Just the novelty (and maybe the voyeuristic thrill, too?) was enough to attract onlookers. Could there be a better live product demonstration?




This campaign is not only effective in attracting attention and interest in products, but it also rewards the brand lovers with a unique experience and connects them with others in the brand community. The question is – is it too creepy?

This isn’t the first time IKEA’s done something unusual in public spaces, although involving people does attract more attention and interest:


IKEA park bench – real park bench was decorated with IKEA products

FRANk Media - IKEA park bench


IKEA apartment in a box – campaign for the opening of IKEA Brooklyn

FRANk Media - IKEA brooklyn apartment in a box


IKEA train – Kobe Monorail train in Japan was converted into a moving IKEA showroom

FRANk Media - IKEA train Japan


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