Lead your brand to success in 2012 with these 10 resolutions

Happy New Year and all the best for 2012! Without a doubt it will be an exciting year for brands as social media continues to rapidly reinvent all aspects of business.


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For a head start businesses must shift their mind set about how brands are built and sales achieved. For many brands it will not be enough anymore to rely on social media campaigns. Instead brands need to change internally and become social businesses over time.

To lay the foundation of your brand’s transformation into a social business in 2012,  here are our top 10 tips:

1. Accept that social media is not a fad: It is here to stay and Facebook, Google and Twitter are gradually becoming the number one source for news and information

2. Work on your brand swagger: Your brand needs to have a purpose and personality to cut through the competition. Brand swagger drives social media engagement and creates an emotional connection with your consumers.

3. Put the customer back into the customer journey: Customers are educated, demanding and less loyal so your brand needs to be authentic, transparent and accountable to increase loyalty (aka sales).

4. Don’t be a jerk, be human: Social media is not intended for brands to talk about themselves 24/7. Listen and learn from your audience what interests and inspires them and their loyalty and advocacy.

5. Monitor daily all channels and maintain them: It is no good to post on Facebook once and never again. That would be like going to a party, saying something to a group of friends and then leave the room.

6. Accept and respond that you cannot control your audience on your social media channels: Customers are in charge and they distribute your content via their personal social media profiles.

7. Invest in relevant additional sales channels such as F-commerce and G-commerce: Enough said

8. Tidy up your mobile presence: Your customers do not appreciate tiny app visuals on their new iPad just because you could not be bothered to adapt your app to the iPad screen. Remember, every screen is different.

9. Research “gamification” for your product or service:  it can be a fun way for consumers to collect rewards and incentives consumer engagement, loyalty and advocacy.  Remember even riding the London Underground is a game now so really nothing is too dull to turn into a fun game!

10. Don’t stress about not having control over your social media community and reactions to your content: But you control your reactions to it so stay calm, professional and apologize where appropriate. Don’t be a pushover though and stick to your guns. Everybody’s friend is nobody’s friend so stick to your brand values, purpose and personality as set out in tip 2.


I hope you find these social media resolutions helpful and if you have any to add please let me know! Here is to a cracking year!


Top tips adapted from Fast Company article “10 No Fail Brand Resolutions for 2012

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