Australian Marketers Making Big Moves Toward Social & Digital

The Australian Marketing Institute has released its Senior Marketer Monitor 2011 – a study of Australia’s senior marketing professionals.

The study has been going on 4 years, so it gives a great snapshot of the changing marketing landscape and highlights the growing use of social media, online advertising and mobile. On the other hand, many marketers are lessening their use of more traditional media such as outdoor, TV, print and radio – reflecting the change from outbound marketing to a greater focus on inbound marketing.

Q: Has your use of different communications channels changed in the past 12 months?


The precise targeting,  accountability, metrics, control and information provided through digital channels is extremely attractive. However, the shift towards digital does not mean the demise of traditional media. Print, radio, TV and outdoor are excellent ways of broadcasting a message to a wide audience and creating the awareness level required for social and digital efforts to be effective.

For many brands who have already established a strong presence in the market, social and digital can be very cost-effective ways of connecting with their audience. For example, by saving on expensive mass media, brands can pass on some discounts to reward loyal brand advocates on social channels and still reap the rewards from happy fans’ word of mouth and recommendations.

Smaller brands with less budget for traditional media will find that social and digital are a good starting place for marketing efforts and establishing themselves as a trusted, helpful source in the industry.

It’s no wonder that social and digital channels are being integrated into marketing strategies – they are excellent solutions to marketers’ most pressing concerns:
1. Effectively getting their messages to market
2. Acquiring new customers
3. Maintaining the current customer base

The real-time nature of social and digital, coupled with the dialogue and engagement expected in these channels – mean that they are well suited for customer relationship management and for speaking directly with the most engaged consumers.

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Q: What are the major marketing challenges you are facing in your organisation today?




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