FRANk Jam December 6, 2011- our pickings of the week


FRANk Social Media Week_Facebook InsightsFacebook insights get more insightful with negative comment metrics

Facebook has added a new metric that displays negative feedback on posts so page administrators can now see how many users hid their page’s posts or gave them negative feedback in the news feeds. This new metric will help administrators find out which type of content resonates better with customers and what needs to be improved on.

FRANk Media Newsletter_ twitterTwitter launches self-serve ad platform geared for small to medium businesses

Twitter will begin rolling out their long-awaited self-serve ad platform, allowing payment through credit card, with a group of around 20 different advertisers. Advertisers will be able to set up campaigns without having to contact Twitter. This service is aimed at small to medium sized businesses, as payments can be made by credit cards, not invoices.

5 Reasons why your business should blog

A business blog doesn’t just help your Google rankings, it also:

  • Encourages collaboration & cohesion when everyone in the company is contributing to build the company’s content base.
  • Sharpens your knowledge as you keep yourself up to date with everything in the industry and become better at explaining things to consumers.
  • Enables you to become a trusted agent. Helpful content = trust = leads = sales
  • Encourages consumers to spend time on your website which brings them closer to making a buying decision with your company. So integrate your blog’s content into every aspect of your sales approach.
  • Promotes active discussion on the blog, allowing for sales leads opportunities as people want to find out more.
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