Social Business Manager vs Community Manager

What exactly is the difference between a Social Business Manager and a Community Manager?

Community Manager – a community manager is responsible for managing a specific social media community (or number of communities). A community manager has to listen to all user responses, provide responses and generally promote the companies brand initiatives.
Community Management is a hands on roll that involves getting very much involved in the social media and networking sites on a daily basis, searching these sites and looking for your company/ brand mentions in the overall aim of providing a positive social media experience for your users.

Social Business Manager
– a social business manager is responsible for the overall social media marketing activities for any particular business / organisation.
This is more a strategic role and defines particular social marketing strategies the company wishes to pursue. With this comes monitoring the results and measuring a ROI.

Many larger companies now have staff responsible for their social business & community management, however more often than not they assign existing, inexperienced staff with little or no time to successfully embrace the additional work load.

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