FRANk Jam November 15, 2011 – our pickings of the week

Facebook Timeline powers new Virgin app to unearth your ‘first’ with a friend

social media week_Virgin Facebook app

The Virgin Group rolled out a new Facebook app that allows users to select one of their friends, and then unearth the first photo, event, comment, check-in and liked page in common with that friend. The results can be posted to the user’s photo album, with both friends tagged. A clever way to integrate Virgin’s brand with social tools and to build up their fan base (you have to Like to use the app!)


New app Wickets rewards users for making recommendations to friends

Social Media Week_Wickets app
Wickets is a newly launched social commerce app on the iPhone that encourages users to share and recommend products and places to friends. Each time you ‘rec’ something to a friend, you receive points that can be later redeemed as vouchers to spend at participating online stores including Amazon, iTunes, ebay, Best Buy and Etsy. Vice versa, you can see what friends are recommending and purchase the product from the app to earn points for yourself.


New “Listen” and “Read” buttons appear on Facebook’s Ticker as part of new open graph

Social Media Week_Facebook ticker

A new interface adjustment on Facebook’s Ticker is making it easier to start consuming the media that your friends are engaging with. News articles and songs in the Ticker now include buttons that allow you to start reading or listening when you click on them. This helps media gain new viral growth through the Ticker. Read more?

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